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Owing to the kindness of the Foundation for Freedom and Peace you can provide support by paying into its account no 14124061751111 00103789. Please add the reference (in Internet banking after you have specified the amount) that this is to help Miłka Tyszkiewicz (‘na pomoc dla Miłki’). Otherwise it will get mixed up with the Foundation’s other payments. International transfers require the IBAN Code: PL14124061751111001037894118 and the Swift or BIC Code: PKOPPLPW.
The Bank is PEKAO SA in Warsaw, ul. Jasna 1 00-013 Warszawa. The account belongs to Fundacja Wolność I Pokój, ul. Gwiaździsta 5 C m.7, 01-651 Warszawa.
Any queries should be directed to Ms Agnieszka Danielewicz, Director of the Cardinal Wyszyński Centre for Mutual Aid in Wrocław.on tel. (00 48) 666 840 814 or


Iwona Bogumiła Tyszkiewicz, or Miłka, was sentenced for the first time in 1982 in Elbląg when she was still a schoolgirl to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years, for smuggling Solidarity leaflets and underground opposition journals. In the following years she was watched and threatened by the security services and sacked from a series of work-places. In Wrocław she was one of the activists of the legendary Orange Alternative. She also co-operated with the printing network associated with Fighting Solidarity, the Regional Strike Committee and the Freedom and Peace movement. From 1987 she took part in building the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and the Polish Socialist Party – Democratic Revolution (PPS-RD).
Owing to her involvement in the Orange Alternative and the PPS and PPS – RD, she was repeatedly detained for 48 hour periods. In 1988 she was sentenced to a fine of !0,000 złoty or three days imprisonment. After 1989 Miłka was active mainly in creating non-governmental organisations in Poland. She was involved in human rights work and in 1991 co-organised the first congress of organisations working on human rights. She created one of the first internet journals ‘Posłaniec’ (Messenger). She was active in the creation of the Green Party. In 2004-15 she worked with the Council of Europe’s Commission for Human Rights, as well as Jozef Pinior’s offices in the European Parliament and the Polish Senate.
Miłka Tyszkiewicz is now ill with a brain tumour – fortunately not aggressive and possible to operate upon. Her prognosis is relatively good. On this basis Miłka has recently been recognised as a ‘grade 1’ disabled person and so gets a modest monthly benefit payment. Since she has been unable to stand up, she has been living in the Cardinal Wyszyński Support Centre of the Mutual Aid Association in Wrocław. Miłka’s treatment requires money for things like medicines, rehabilitation, medical appliances and quite a specific diet. She is currently using a borrowed walker and wheelchair. (an update 10 sierpnia 2017: thanks to your efforts, the wheelchair and the walker are currently in her ownership. She was also able to pay for the first round of rehabilitation, medicine and other needs for several months. Big thanks and kisses!) Now she neeeds to travel abroad for a surgery, to continue rehab., medicine and a special food, a laptop with a software for a partially disabled vision and hearing and an apartament with some adjustements especially in the bathroom and with the cooking facilities. Miłka’s present condition makes it completely impossible for her to do paid work (an update: although she is responsible for this site now. She also received a medal recently – see the photo below this text)
We appeal to people of good will for help so that Miłka can get the medicine and rehabilitation that she needs.
All assistance will be gratefully received.

Józef Pinior and Marek Krukowski
(translated by David Holland: